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  21 Our Steel Bar Division, which is committed to promoting the culture of steel, uses raw materials such as billets and wire rods, bars, shaped bars (reinforcements), carbon-drawn bars, coarse wire, thermal-treated products, and layer-screening products, for use in automotive parts, forging, bearings, industrial machinery parts, and construction materials. We have been exercising R&D efforts to develop the domestic steel industry. 

  Helped by our over 30 years of ample experience and technologies, we select choice materials meeting clients' specifications, and conduct quality management for perfect processing and zero defect. We are endeavoring to develop technologies and innovate processes to meet customer satisfaction. Thus, we seek to upgrade quality, and ensure affordable prices, on-time delivery and speedy services, thus winning clients' confidence in us. 

  With such determination and efforts, we earned an ISO certificate in February 2000, and have designed and improved our systems to be customer oriented to enhance customer satisfaction and put customer benefits first. We are thus winning customer confidence with our best quality and top services. 

  We have various kinds of testing and examining equipment; microplate luminometers for testing materials, tension testers and hardness testers for examining mechanical features, metallurgical microscopes for observing metal textures, U.T. testers and MPIs for testing the internal and external quality, and sorting machines for preventing the mixing of foreign substances. We also conduct zero defect campaigns. These strict process management efforts will surely double customer satisfaction.